Are We Up to the Challenge?
Thursday, June 6, 2019 12:45 PM


District 10 is going head to head with five other district councils to see which neighborhood can do more for clean water. The challenge: Each district council claims their residents can adopt more storm drains over the next year.

We started the friendly competition with Hamline-Midway and Macalester-Groveland. Now, Highland Park, St. Anthony Park, and Union Park want a piece of the action, too. We say, bring it on -- this is a competition where everybody wins.

In Como, keeping storm drains clear of leaves, trash, and other debris -- and doing so year-round -- directly improves the water quality of Como Lake and connected waterways. Here's how to adopt one or more drains near your home, school, organization, or business:

  • Go to Create an account.
  • After you create your account, type in your address and click "Find storm drains." The site will generate an interactive map of all the storm drains near your address. Be patient; it may take a while -- and you may have to move the map around -- for drains to populate the map.
  • Red means the drain is available. Green means someone else already has it. Pick one or more of the available drains to adopt. (You can even name your drain!)
  • Diligently keep the drain clean, so debris doesn't flow into the lake or Mississippi River. As a reminder to you and your neighbors, you'll get a lawn sign pointing out that you are protecting the lake or river.

Hamline University is the official, neutral arbitrator tracking which neighborhood adopts more drains.

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